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Review: Creative JumpStart 2017


I made it through this year's theme of "Mix, Match, Master." 

Click this image to find out more about the class. You'll be redirected to the class website.

Click this image to find out more about the class. You'll be redirected to the class website.

A different artist's video was uploaded each day in January. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single video that was presented, even the ones that involved projects outside of my own comfort zone. It was a treat to see artists that I was familiar with while also fun to meet new artists that I hadn't previously discovered.  There were also a few giveaways tossed in for extra excitement.

The premise may sound simple, but I can only imagine how difficult it must be to recruit, troubleshoot, advise, communicate with, direct, and support so many people. I can understand why it requires so much forethought and planning. The logistics of receiving everyone's videos and putting them in order must take a lot of time just by itself, never mind the promotional materials, website changes, etc. It's a treat to take an online class from someone that puts so much hard work into the product.

The amount of videos that were presented made it well worth the money to sign up, and the fact that the videos can be downloaded and kept for life is a huge bonus. 

I really enjoyed Creative JumpStart 2017. I certainly hope that it will return for 2018.


This review was completed based on my own personal observations made while participating in Creative JumpStart 2017. No one, including Nathalie Kalbach or any of the Creative JumpStarters, asked me to write this review. I was not given merchandise or given a waiver for tuition as a result of this review; the class was purchased by me with my own personal funds.