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Review: "What's in a Face?"

It's been a few months since I started taking Mystele Kirkeeng's "What's in a Face?" class. I have been wanting to write a review of my experience from the start, but I made myself wait so that I could work through the assignments at my own pace.

To begin, I'd like to show you a small selection of my face-making skills prior to taking the class. 

As you can tell from the images, I had difficulty with a number of tasks. I made the shape of the face too large and round, I often skipped creating ears all together because I was never happy with them, and my hair looked nothing like how it should. Creating shadows in the correct places was equivalent to performing a complicated algebraic equation; it all seemed to go over my head.

I knew I needed help and I was so excited to discover that Mystele was creating a class to provide creative guidance.

The next four images were all created through assignments from Mystele's "What's in a Face?" class. One of the exciting things that I discovered was that I didn't have to create faces that looked realistic. What a concept to wrap my head around!

Creating realistic faces was the whole reason I signed up for the class, and Mystele certainly presents the necessary information to build those skills, but I found that I also had an interest in making quirky faces. Mystele presents a technique called abstraction that makes this a fun process.

The Details:

"What's in a Face?" was available with live instruction at the time I took the class, but it is now available only as a self-guided course. Once payment is made, you'll receive an email with a link and password to the site where the class videos are presented. There are also links to download the videos so that you can keep them for life!

Click here to see the class description and sign up on Etsy. 

Click here to visit Mystele's website.

Mystele is a fantastic teacher. She presents easy to understand information in a way that gets you excited to try things out and experiment. She brings humor and a jovial attitude toward sharing her experiences with art supplies. Mystele is not afraid to make a mistake or change things up from one moment to the next, and I learned how to start letting go of the need to create perfectly. Art is meant to be fun, and Mystele's assignments are more like a chance to play rather than homework.

This review is provided through my own experiences with the class. I was not asked to post this review. I am not receiving compensation or goods in exchange for a positive review. What I have written is my honest opinion of the class and the experience that someone will receive.